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Hands-on With The Huawei Watch

Probably the most anticipated Android Wear devices this holiday season has been the Huawei Watch, officially announced at Cellular World Congress. I’ve spent one more five days when using the Huawei Watch using my Samsung Universe Note 5 and wanted to share some of my initial impacts.

Hands-on With The Huawei Watch

Hands-on With The Huawei Watch
Hands-on With The Huawei Watch


The Huawei Watch found its way to a sturdy dark brown box with the Huawei logo embedded at the top and Huawei Watch within the front. Lifting the most notable off the package revealed another box having a flip-up lid. After lifting the lid you see the Huawei Watch resting in the center of a light bronze leather-looking lined area. The words “Timeless layout. Smart within” are generally embossed in gold ink beneath the lid.

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Lift out the watch block and you may find a small folder with the manual and warrantee info inside. Below these documents is usually an A/C adapter and the magnetic USB asking for dock. The charging dock looks nearly as bad as the round Apple company Watch dock, except this place has four silver connection points that fit into the back of the Huawei Watch. One charging cradle is roofed, but you can also buy a give up for $39. 99.

The retail packaging is quite well designed and gives you a sense you purchased a rather expensive section of modern jewelry. The stainless steel and black buckskin band model I will be testing out is sold for $349. 99 on Amazon. The stainless steel models with url and mesh rings are $399. 99 while the black stainless metallic with black url band is $449. 99.


At first the Huawei Watch appears to be a next era Moto 360 with the round watch face and thickness reminding me of Oreo cookie. Contrary to the Moto 360, the display within the Huawei Watch is really a full circle without having bottom “flat tire” sensor location.

The Huawei Watch features a 1. 4 inch AMOLED screen having a resolution of 300 x 400 pixels as well as 286 ppi. This watch is 42mm in diameter and 11. 3mm in thickness. It’s powered by way of 1. 2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 300 processor with 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage. Sensors add a gyroscope, accelerometer, vibration electric motor, and heart rate sensor. The Huawei Watch consists of 316L stainless metallic with sapphire crystal glass on entry.

Hands-on With The Huawei Watch

Hands-on With The Huawei Watch
Hands-on With The Huawei Watch

There is wi-fi support for Wi-fi and Bluetooth several. 1 LE, but there is absolutely no GPS receiver intended for run tracking or mapping and not using a smartphone connection.

The display is set down from the circular bezel just more than a millimeter with the round bezel tapered right down to the display to give it a expert look. The watchband lugs are certainly not as prominent as those within the LG Watch Urbane, one good thing is, and support some sort of black leather tie with quick release pins.

The leather tie is stamped with the words Huawei as well as genuine leather. A glossy stainless steel buckle with a couple leather securing straps assists you keep the watch in position securely on your wrist. There are 9 available holes to adjust the band length and it is very comfortable.

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The heart rate monitor is centered on the back with center of the back acquiring black plastic building. The rest of the back is stainless steel with a small opening for that four contact asking for points.

There are also four small screws under the two strap lugs. These appear to provide access to the internals of the Huawei Watch.

For the upper right facet, 2 o’clock position, is where the single physical button of the watch is situated. Pressing the button permits you to toggle the display don and doff. Double pressing spins the screen totally off. Pressing and holding goes to the iphone app launcher.

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