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Chromecast Audio ‘Hendrix’ Leaked

Right after making your stupid TVs smart with the Chromecast HDMI dongle, Google is considered to be now planning to create Internet connectivity to your dumb speakers with a separate device. The organization will launch a brand new dongle called Chromecast Music, which is meant to stream music and give audio features in order to speakers, according into a new report. What is the news follows reports from last week with details concerning the next-generation Chromecast dongle, believed to feature improved Wi-Fi connection, a new pattern, and more.

Chromecast Audio ‘Hendrix’ Leaked

Chromecast Audio 'Hendrix' Leaked
Chromecast Audio ‘Hendrix’ Leaked

Codenamed “Hendrix, ” the Chromecast Music will reportedly be devoted to bringing Internet-connected sound recording and music functionality to regular sound system. The device will connect with speakers through a standard 3. 5mm headphone cable, and in effect get them to Wi-Fi enabled. The functionality seems to be similar to the actual Motorola Moto Flow portable wireless adapter that’s launched last year.

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ChromeCast Audio just might power multiple sound system simultaneously, reports 9to5Google, if multiple dongles are widely-used. It also offer a similar features because Chromecast – users is able to stream “high-quality” sound recording to Chromecast Audio-powered gadgets from Chrome browser on their computers or Android devices.

The report further noted how the Chromecast Audio are able to offer support for songs streaming service Spotify. Since current, the Chromecast facilitates Google Play Tunes, Pandora, and Rdio. Spotify, because you can know, has the richest collection of music tracks about Android platform.

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Individually, Google plans in order to update the Chromecast companion app. The update will certainly reportedly bring a brand new design, and several features. Furthermore, the company plans to include a new characteristic called “What’s On” that may allow users in order to browse content from a variety of Chrome-supported apps already installed on their Android device. It will likewise suggest other Chromecast-supported apps on Google Play, stories 9to5Google.

Chromecast Audio ‘Hendrix’ Leaked

Chromecast Audio 'Hendrix' Leaked
Chromecast Audio ‘Hendrix’ Leaked

Previous reports have suggested how the new Chromecast will certainly support content feeds for the Chromecast home display. While it’s unfamiliar how exactly Google plans to use this feature, perhaps it will give users the ability to add social media feeds if your device is about idle — “backdrop” setting. It is anticipated to come in balloon-like form-factor and are available in Red, Black, and also Yellow colour options.

Google has timetabled a media function for September 29. The company is anticipated to announce the kick off of two Nexus mobile phones and two Chromecast devices with the event.

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